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Trastevere Luggage Storage 2024

Luggage storage in Trastevere

The famous attractions of Rome are mostly within the ancient city walls and the city center they enclose. As a result, the millions of tourists the Eternal City receives every year tend to stick to the historic center. But that's a shame because Rome has much more to offer, as the Trastevere neighborhood shows.

Located just across the river from the city center, Trastevere offers a more authentic taste of the city's culture. Wandering the narrow streets, you'll be able to avoid most of the tourist crowds, and you'll also encounter some of the best restaurants in the city.

If you're looking for luggage storage, Trastevere has plenty of options. Whether you want to drop off your bags for a few hours or a few days, you can find luggage storage near Trastevere so you can focus on enjoying your trip.


Where can I find luggage storage in Trastevere?


You can find luggage storage services scattered throughout this underrated neighborhood. The famous Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere is one of the top attractions here, making it a good place to store luggage. Train and bus stations are also good places to start. And while it's quite a distance from Trastevere to Termini station in the center of Rome, there are plenty of places to store luggage there.


How does luggage storage work?


Traditional luggage lockers are getting harder to find these days, often replaced by luggage storage companies. These companies often operate out of a multiuse space like a convenience store and provide this great service as an additional extra. For luggage storage, Trastevere has far more of these kinds of companies that will hold your bags for as long as you like while you explore.


What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service?


Luggage storage services are becoming more popular than luggage lockers for a few reasons. They are often more affordable, they can store larger bags, and they provide concierge service. This means that you can drop off your bags and then explore the neighborhood without having to worry about them.


In a neighborhood like Trastevere that doesn't get the tourist numbers the historic center of Rome does, it's easier to find these kinds of luggage storage services than it is to find luggage lockers.


What Is The Best Trastevere Luggage Storage App?


Bounce is the best Trastevere luggage storage app and website when you want the convenience of booking online in advance. The app guides you to the nearest luggage storage facilities using an in-app map, and you can book everything in one easy step to guarantee a place for your bags. Plus, if you don't know exactly where you want to store your bags in Trastevere, the app will show you everything available. If need more convincing, here are other great things about Bounce and the app:

  • Bookings come with the $10,000 Bounce guarantee, so you can leave your bags and know that they’re covered.

  • Bookings go through the website or app, so there's no line or fumbling with change at a luggage locker. Plus, you get a confirmation, so you know your spot is secured.

  • Bounce has dozens of luggage storage partners in and near the neighborhood, as well as more across other areas of Rome.

How much does Bounce’s Trastevere luggage storage cost?


Bounce offers multiple locations throughout this vibrant neighborhood, but wherever you choose to store your bags, you'll pay the same. It costs just €5 per bag per day to store your bags with Bounce.


How can I book Trastevere luggage storage with Bounce?










What are the other luggage storage options in Trastevere?

Alternative luggage storage near Trastevere


When you want to shop around for luggage storage facilities in Rome, here are a few locations to consider:

  • Stow Your Bags offers luggage storage near Trastevere and Santa Maria. They provide large lockers which cost €20 per day but can hold two suitcases each. Their Trastevere location is at Via della Cisterna 15b.

  • Deposito Bagagli Trastevere has a location at Piazza di San Giovanni della Malva. They offer self-service lockers that you can book in advance, then open with a code to store your things. The cost depends on the size of bags you want to store, as they have multiple lockers for different items.

  • Luggage Storage Rome is located at Vicolo del Bologna 79, just a couple of minutes on foot from Santa Maria. They provide €250 of insurance per bag stored with them.


Bounce provides more locations and more generous insurance than the other luggage companies in Trastevere. With Bounce, you can book in advance through their app or website and know that your bags are covered with up to $10,000 in insurance. Prices start at just €5 per day, which is more economical. Who doesn't want more cash for gelato?


Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage


If you’re traveling and need a place to store your luggage for a day or two, your best bet is to check if your hotel offers luggage storage. Many hotels will have this service available for guests. Airbnb hosts may also be able to store your bags before check-in or after check-out. Check the accommodation listing, or ask them in advance to be sure.


If you don’t have access to hotel or Airbnb luggage storage, don't forget that you have Bounce as an option. There's really no reason to carry your bags all over Trastevere when you don't have to. The fair price and $10,000 guarantee make Bounce a no-brainer.


Useful Information about Trastevere


Trastevere is located on the west bank of the Tiber River, just south of Vatican City. It's known for its cobbled streets, lively nightlife, and charming Roman ruins. Some of its most popular attractions include the Santa Maria in Trastevere church, the Basilica di Santa Cecilia, and the Villa Farnesina.

Nearby Trastevere attractions:

  • Piazza Navona: A large public square in Rome with beautiful fountains and baroque architecture.

  • Pantheon: An ancient temple turned Catholic church that's one of Rome's most popular tourist destinations.

  • Campo de' Fiori: A lively square in Rome with a daily market, street performers, and nightlife.


Trastevere is known for its many restaurants and bars, which are perfect for people watching or enjoying a meal or glass of wine outdoors. Tourists are drawn to the neighborhood for the Roman ruins, like the Basilica di Santa Cecilia, which is a 12th-century church built on top of a 4th-century basilica. Finally, Trastevere's narrow, cobbled streets add to its Old World charm.


Best restaurants in Trastevere


Some of the best restaurants in Trastevere include Da Enzo al 29, Checco er Carrettiere, La Gensola, and hostaria da Giulia. These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, from traditional Italian to modern gastronomy. There are also many cafes and gelaterias in the area for a quick snack or coffee. This is actually one of the best areas of the city to eat, so pretty much wherever you choose, you're bound to have a good meal.


Top Activities in the Trastevere District


Some of the top activities in the Trastevere district include taking a walking tour of the area, visiting the Santa Maria in Trastevere church, exploring the Roman ruins, and enjoying the restaurants and bars. Many museums and parks are nearby, like the Pantheon and Piazza Navona as well.


How do I get to Trastevere?


There are a few different ways to get to Trastevere. If you're taking the subway, the best station to use is Ottaviano-San Pietro, which is on Line A. If you're taking a bus, the 64 and 40 express buses both stop in Trastevere. You can also take a taxi or an Uber to Trastevere. And if you're walking, it's about a 20-minute walk from Vatican City.


Can I store my bags in Trastevere?


Yes, there are lots of options for luggage storage in and near Trastevere. Make things easy on yourself and download the Bounce app ahead of time, and you'll be able to book online and find convenient storage facilities near you.


Can you rent a locker at Trastevere?


Yes, there are lockers to rent in Trastevere, especially in the area around Santa Maria church.

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